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Volunteer with us and be part of the creativity and innovation in our Community!

There are several ways you can make a difference:

1. Guest Speaker

  • Share your expertise or interests with our members, at our virtual hangout. 

  • Help the community learn new skills and promote social inclusion. 

  • Empower individuals and groups to effect positive change. 

2. Guest Writer

  • Curate unique, valuable content for our Blog and social media pages.

3. Community Ambassador (The Outreach Envoys) 

  • Represents and promotes the organization to external audiences.

4. Community Moderator (The Guardians or ‘Keepers of Order’)

  • Monitors and facilitates discussions within the community

  • Ensures a safe and respectful environment for all members


5. Community Curator (The Archivists of Excellence) 

  • Manages and organizes content within the community

  • The keepers of our community's cultural and creative heritage 

6. Other Ideas

  • Do you have unique ideas to enhance The Lightworkers Room Community?

  • We're always open to new suggestions! Feel free to send us a message below.

Volunteer With Us!

Thanks for submitting!

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