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The Lightworkers Committee

The Lightworkers Commitee represents the voices of creatives, visionaries, spirituals, and all of the various archetypes in our community. Our team integrates professional talent from the music, design, medical, and wellness community. We work together year-round, creating and innovating. Together we strive to enlighten, enrich, entertain, and advocate for members of our community.


Marckel of Mars

President & CEO

Singer, Songwriter, Media Producer,

Digital Designer, & Entertainer

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Tia Dabney

Vice President of Public Relations

Certified Public Relations Professional

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Keto Kan

Community Director of Hospitality

Culinary Artist, Meal Prep Specialist

Shayla Greene

Community Leader of Faith & Inspiration

Licensed Cosmetologist, Mother


Teara Janeá

Community Leader of Black Advocacy

Medical Student