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The Lightworkers Room is a virtual community & media platform for creators & innovators, where our members, called Lightworkers, gather for illumination, recreation, and social support. 

Dedicated to being a bright light in the world, The Lightworkers Room provides a sense of community, companionship, and support that can enrich the day-to-day lives of our members, as well as a platform for our members to create and distribute useful content for a virtual audience. 


Our community represents the voices of creatives, visionaries, spirituals, and all of the various archetypes in our community. As a growing community, we work together year-round, creating and innovating, while supporting one another through the sharing of resources and information, emotional assistance (i.e. someone who listens to and encourages you), and the form of attitude transmission (i.e., someone who helps you laugh or see things more positively). Together we strive to enlighten, enrich, entertain, and advocate for members of our community.


Our Mission

I. To heal our own lives as a first step in healing the world.

II. To be a catalyst for positive change in the lives of others.

III. To engage our community in the pursuit of health & wellness.

IV. To provide a platform and discover creative and dynamic ways to make our voices heard.

V. To shed light on black cultural issues and seek to resolve social and environmental problems.

VI. To write, speak, and counsel about our experiences; knowing that we are here for a higher purpose.

VII. To believe with all our heart in our community, in our gifts, and in our ability to raise the vibration of the planet.


Who are we?

We're down-to-earth. We're honest & real. We're free-spirited. We're passionate. We're professional. We're intelligent. We're leaders. We're original. We're up-to-date. We're revolutionary. We're open-minded. We're purpose-driven. We're active & giving. We're emotional. We're free & flowing. We're Lightworkers.

What do we offer?


The Lightworkers Room offers exclusive membership to those interested in taking part in the creativity & innovation of our community.


We partner with brands, businesses, and other organizations, for the purpose of collaboraton, and to provide services for our members and for the creative community at large.

Social Clubs

Sub-communities within our community, formed around the common interests of our members. Examples include our Black Advocacy Club, Creatives Support Group, and our Health & Wellness Club.

Virtual Events

Webcasts, Webinars, Web Conferences, Live-Streams, and On-demand events; offered through online applications and streaming from our site.

Community Projects

Members often collaborate on media-related projects, creating unique, useful, and compelling content on topics for our Blog, Podcast, Webcast, Music Playlist, and our social media pages.


The Lightworkers Room offers various services for your unique brand or business. We also serve as a platform for our members and partners to advertise their services and discover resources in areas of creative, business, and wellness.

Why was this created?

Created and Founded by artist and entertainer, Marckel of Mars, he wanted to form a community that would serve as a safe space to gather for social support, as well as a platform for members and partners to create, collaborate, and distribute useful content, for the improvement and development of the creative community at large.

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